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This section is mainly to present the philosophy behind our organization and the main lines of our activity.

WHO ARE WE-1“Together we are stronger” ! Created in 2012 we are a group of 16 independent wine-makers and our objective is to approach foreign markets in presenting our wines/our region. We all share a strong desire to develop and promote our region’s culture and identity abroad.

FRANCE OVERSEAS is quite simply the brainchild of friends, born and bred in the Loire Valley, who are extremely attached to their cultural heritage. We decided to do our best to contribute to the development of our region, and the first idea was to group a team of local winemakers from the Loire Valley and create together a company dedicated to the export. France Overseas is own at 75 % to the wine-makers and the rest belongs to the export workforce. Hence everyone has been, since the very beginning, deeply involved in the planting of the seed and works together in making it out of the ground and grown the best. This is how is born France Overseas.

FO CHARTThe idea was to work with typical wine-makers of each Loire Valley appellation (gold rule: only one by AOC, conventional and organic) and to promote their products overseas. Our range goes from one Loire’s end to the other, that is to say from Muscadet to Sancerre, and is, we believe, an accurate representation of what can offer our beautiful wine region. Loire Valley wines in appellations or very specific country wines (Vignoble Réthoré-Davy), conventional, organic or bio-dynamic cultivation process, you will meet very different and complementary wine-styles in there. They all have in common a river for terroir and we are persuaded that they would gain so much to be promoted abroad.

We are engaged to expertly promote the Loire Valley all over the world and find opportunities of partnership. Always very pleased to work with new partners, we will do our utmost to treat every demand with the same care and attention.

As you probably understood now we are very committed to our region, that’s why we make the Loire Valley wines promotion our priority. Indeed our region is still very little known and, beyond the sales and the simple concept of turnover, it is also on this that our hearts are dedicated to.

5Effectively you can find a Bordeaux wine range too. No it is not a nonsense. The wine is surely a story of Man and our meeting with Jean-Pierre of  Château Haut-Meyreau was one of the best thing that happened to France Overseas. He soon became a close friend and we decided to work with one voice ont the export scene. Furthermore, while the Loire Valley notoriety abroad is still quite weak, the Bordeaux as a prime position and open a market with them is a spare chance to make our Loire discovered.

Local wine-makers often do not have the time, the skills or the finance to organise their wine promotion abroad. This is how France Overseas is become their dedicated export department, the extension of their individual companies benefiting from great synergy effects. The close relation with each estate and its history, with each man and wine-maker and especially with each wine and work-process is an essential asset. On the opposite, us: the export workforce, we are able to transmit them the expectations and stakes of the foreign markets we are specialised in, and settle like this a real complete approach together from A to Z.

Rosé wines in Loire ValleyOf course, we aim at operating in sustainable and fair relationships with our partners and we do not skimp on work every day of every week. From big importers to local retailers as bars, hotels  restaurants and much more … We are always concerned and open-minded for working with anybody who expresses an interest in our “Made in Loire and Made in France” wines. Our website will provide you most of the information you could be looking for. If not, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email (Contact) and be sure that we will treat your asking as soon as possible. Currently very focused on Asian and American markets, we are also working on the development of the South American area.

Like the warm hosting we often benefit in our winemakers’s estates, we welcome anyone interested in wine or Loire a
nd invite you to contact us even just to exchange about the region, the wine world and other kind of topics. We are very involved and committed to our local area on one side, but have had many opportunities to appreciate foreign cultures on the other. We consider ourselves as World Citizens and it is in this spirit that we thank you all for your attention and wish you a good visit on our site.

Winely yours,

Jordan OBRY