Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil A.O.C. 2013, Les Terres Noires, Domaine de la JARNOTERIE

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Vineyard :

The Vineyard of la Jarnoterie has been created in 1893. The property is family-owned; it covers 24ha and has been transmitted through 5 generations. It is now run by Didier and Carine Rezé. The wines benefit from constant care in compliance with the tradition. In our vineyard wine is driven by cultural, historical, gastronomic and family values. Our vines are monitored daily with rigor and passion, respecting the value of time and the expression of the soil (partially grassed, stripping …). The only objective for achieving all of this is to giving rise to the highest quality of fruit, and through the fruit to the best quality of wine. Silica-rich clay soil

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Grape Variety :

100 % Cabernet Franc

Vinification :

3/4 months in chestnut tree barrels in the cool alcoves that are our cellars.

Tasting Note :

Color: black cherries
Nose: red berries and violet
Palate: Crisp and refreshing acidity, Light-bodied wine, fruit flavors with spiced notes

Serving Temperature :

Between 12 °C and 14 °C

Food Association Advice :

From poultries, apetizers, until the traditional Fish and Chips

Preservation :

Drink within 3 or 4 years