Domaine GUINDON, A Local Producer from Saint-Géréon (Coteaux d’Ancenis)

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Stanislas then established himself in Ancenis having renounced viticulture, but it was not long before the lure of winemaking overcame him and he once more started to grow wines. In 1925, he was succeeded by his son Louis, in 1974 by his grandson Jacques, in 1992 by his great grandson Pierre.


Before the 1930’s, Louis and his father participated at numerous exhibitions and wine fairs and paid particular attention to supplying private customers. They were very active in making the wines of this region better known and appreciated.

The vineyards are situated on the southernmost foothills of the Massif Armoricain producing Muscadet des Coteaux de la Loire which is both dry and fruity with that typical “flinty” taste.