All the wines we are working with today have been tasted, evaluated and approved as suiting to our personal tastes and what we thought be a great representation of the Loire Valley’s secrets. I hope it will meet the expectations you have in thinking about Loire Valley terroir.

Why do we work in France Overseas ? Because we have been trained in International Trade, and early got involved in Fairtrade (coffee, tea, chocolate), so terroir’ products. We always worked for the promotion of products with an identity, products resulting of the legacy from soil and traditions.  Born in a wine region we focused ourselves in product very linked to the Terroir notion and development for communities. And for few years in the  region,  the public institutions are used to pay the producers to take off their vineyard (grubbing-up premiums), because of the difficulties to sell the complete production. Why ?

It can be partly explained because of the French families (fathers mainly) consuming. They were used to drink good quantities of wine every day, always for lunch and dinner.  In 40 years the consuming per person decreased from 100 litres to 55 litres. French wine businesses and in particular Loire Valley family-owned vineyards might have missed the international bend at this time. Unfortunately they did not manage to compensate totally for the domestic market losses in the export channel. Why?

Wine maker is probably the most difficult job in the world: Geologist, arboriculturist, meteorologist, chemist, accountant, salesman, tourist guide! So we can’t blame them for not finding the time to sell abroad! It is in taking into account our personal  moral values and our mistakes from the past that France Overseas has finally come into being. 

We have selected our wine producers on 3 points:

  • AOP, we wanted to be representative of the Loire Valley variety of terroir. It exists 69 different AOP and also what is named country wines.
  • Quality, we met each wine growers on their domain, discuss with them, see their way of doing wine and of course taste it. After this we were more likely to make the right choice and find for you the best value for money on the selected AOP.
  • Human relations: meetings, good feeling with the familial domain’s team, who work with passion and convey the desire to reveal their wines worldwide

In the Wine World many things are a matter of meeting. Our Bordeaux range from Château Haut-Meyreau is a good example for that. It is after very positive contacts and exchanges with Jean-Pierre and sharing about his vision of the wine that we decided to work together.

Loire Valley Wines Selection
Bordeaux Wines Selection